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        Chairman's speech

        Chairman's speech

        After a long period of honing and growth, Jincheng electronics can still fly into the sky and come out of Dongshan. Natural selection, the tide washes the sand; Sand flows by itself, gold keeps by itself. Yesterday's ups and downs and glories have become the past: today's gorgeous transformation has achieved great ambition. Today's business strategy layout of Jincheng has carried the wind and rain course of eight years of hard work, the high passion of Jincheng employees for re entrepreneurship, the Jincheng dream of people with lofty ideals represented by many operators and managers of the company and the dream of industrial take-off! We know that there is a long way to go.

        We have been adhering to the corporate vision of "developing the company, realizing ourselves, giving back to family and society"! Thank governments at all levels for their concern and love; Thank people from all walks of life for their support; Thanks to the concerted efforts of all colleagues of Jincheng, we have made great efforts to get our company out of the haze, and we firmly believe that we will make great achievements in the near future.

        Life is cast by thought, and ideas determine the way out. Jincheng company takes intelligent Kitchenware and other small household appliance control boards as the main business direction and microcomputer single chip microcomputer controller as the main business; It has successively developed DC frequency conversion controller, intelligent steaming controller, ultrasonic controller and other high-tech products; Take the benefit of product intelligence technology as its own responsibility; Let's open the sail of life, stride forward all the way and gallop on the battlefield of market competition.

        Years of entrepreneurship, years of search, eight years of wind and rain, years of harvest. Looking back on yesterday, we worked hard; With an eye to the future, we are determined to win; Looking forward to the future, we are full of pride. We keep hope and success in our hearts and accumulate wisdom and strength. Continuous innovation, courage to explore, tenacious struggle, and unremitting efforts to achieve our lofty goals and sail to the other side of victory!